Inner peace  &  connection for every body


Finding the pathway to the inner peace and connection that you are looking for, Ariadne Mind/Body invites you to embrace the whole of you, working with both mind and body.

Ariadne Mind/Body offers a range of well-being programs, workshops, guided meditations, and many more resources that will help you you release tension, manage anxiety and find inner peace and connection.

These offerings have been developed by Francesca Boyd-Russo, registered counsellor specialising in mindfulness and well-being. For more information about Francesca, please see Who am I?

For our group programs, you are welcome to join in person at our tranquil studio in the Adelaide inner western suburbs or you may like to enjoy our online live-streamed sessions from the comfort of your home. Private tailored sessions are also available for individuals. See Well-being Programs for  details and to register for sessions through MindBody.

Free Guided Meditations are available for you to download and enjoy at any time.

For business owners and managers, Ariadne Mind/Body also provides a tailored service to support the mental and physical well-being of your staff. For more information, please see the Workplace Well-being Space.

Ariadne Mind/Body invites you to open the door to your well-being and your limitless potential for inner peace and connection.